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What is Vacuum Plating - 01

Taimi: 2021-08-04 Hits: 3

In order to meet the requirements of safer, more energy-saving, reducing noise and reducing pollutant emission, vacuum electroplating has become a new trend of environmental protection in surface treatment technology. Different from ordinary electroplating, vacuum electroplating is more environmentally friendly.


 At the same time, vacuum electroplating can produce a good black effect with gloss that ordinary electroplating cannot achieve.


Vacuum electroplating mainly includes:


Vacuum evaporation, sputtering and ion plating. They all deposit various metal and non-metal films on the surface of plastic parts by distillation or sputtering under vacuum. In this way, very thin surface coatings can be obtained.


At the same time, they have the outstanding advantages of fast speed and good adhesion, but the price is also high, and there are few types of metals that can be operated.


They are generally used as functional coatings for higher-grade products, For example, it is used as an internal shielding layer. There are two common electroplating processes for plastic products: water electroplating and vacuum ion plating.