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Injection molding process is a complex processing process involving mold design, mold manufacturing, raw material characteristics and raw material pretreatment methods, molding process, injection molding machine operation and other factors, which is closely related to processing environmental conditions, product cooling time and post-treatment process.


Therefore, the quality of products depends not only on the injection precision and measurement precision of the injection molding machine, or only on the quality of mold design and the precision level of mold processing. Usually, it will also be affected and restricted by the above other factors.


Common defects of injection molded products:

The plastic raw materials used in the process of injection molding are diverse, and the types and forms of mold design are also diverse. In addition, the operators' familiarity with specific injection molding machines and the differences of operation skills and practical experience among workers are also different. At the same time, the objective environment (such as ambient temperature, humidity and air cleanliness) These objective and subjective conditions jointly determine the occurrence of defects in injection molded products.


Generally speaking, there are three aspects to evaluate the performance of plastic products:


1. Appearance quality, including integrity, color and luster;


2.The accuracy between size and relative position, that is, size accuracy and position accuracy;


3. The mechanical properties, chemical properties and electrical properties corresponding to the use, that is, functionality


Therefore, if there is a problem in any of the above three aspects, it will lead to the generation and expansion of product defects.


Common defects of injection molded products are:


Appearance defects: crazing discoloration and weld mark


Process problems: flash, shrinkage and lack of glue


Performance problems: warpage and embrittlement


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