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How to make a GREAT Car Sticker 2-- Production Process. technology:

Taimi: 2021-07-06 Hits: 4

As we mentioned last time, Car Stickers not only have various types of material to make your stickers special and durable,they also have different types of production process to achieve the best outcome to make your logo or artwork look beautiful. Car Stickers can be made as: Vinyl Sticker,Decal, Reflective Stickers,Hologram Sticker,Shiny Sticker,etc.


A. Plotter Cut faagasologa: it refers to that after the computer inputs vector graphics into the knife cutting machine, the knife cutting machine cuts the self-adhesive film into a preset shape, and then manually splices different colors together to complete the production. Finally, the surface of the finished car sticker is covered with a layer of transparent transfer film, which is removed after pasting the car sticker. We call this Decal.


B. Printing: inkjet,screen printing and UV lolomi: it refers to that after the vector or pixel image is input into the machine by the computer, the machine will print the color ink or screen on the Vinyl film by inkjet or screen technology according to the graphics, and then cut it into shape along the edge of the pattern by knife plate; Most manufacturing enterprises (such as motorcycles, electric bicycles, etc.) use screen printing technology for mass production of car stickers.

C. Metal technology and others: metal technology refers to the car stickers (car logo) made by pressing the aluminum plate and other metal plates into concave and convex surfaces, then making colors with metal painting.


We will talk more about what other materials can be used to make car stickers next time.


To Be Continued.