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Car stickers are stickers on cars, motorcycles and other vehicles to beautify them. Car stickers made their debut in the world's first car race in Paris on April 20, 1887. Car stickers can be divided into sports stickers, modified stickers and personalized stickers.


The materials of car stickers are mainly PVC outdoor special adhesive stickers which can adapt to outdoor conditions. It is required to be more wear-resistant and UV resistant than ordinary advertising materials.


 There are many kinds of choices, such as ordinary, luminous, metal reflective, laser reflective, metallic brushed look and so on. Car stickers can be found all over the car, on both sides of the car body, hood, lampshade, skirt and wheel hub. People of all ages can find fun in car stickers as long as they love car culture and life.

Car stickers must be exposed to the wind and sun, and they must be waterproof, sunscreen, not fade, and no glue left after tearing. The color and material of the self-adhesive are made by special technology, which has the highest color durability when leaving the factory. Other car stickers production methods, such as printing, inkjet,Screen printing process uses color ink jet or screen on the bottom film.The best printing is screen printing and Outdoor UV printing, but Screen printing is always the best choice.

Ever Greater has over 25 years in customized car sticker printing, we can make them UV proof, Water Proof and Weather Proof. Our adhesive are very Strong so they wont fall off even with high pressure car wash. But when you dont want the stickers anymore, they can be removed without glue residue.

To be Continued. Next Chapter we will talk about the different production process of Car stickers.