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Why Screen Printing is So popular

Цаг: 2021-06-16 Үзсэн: 1

Screen printing has the advantages of large quantity, low price, bright color, long shelf life, fast delivery and so on. It is recognized by more and more industries and widely usedЗэрэг appliances,textiles,T-shirts, shoes. Also used on олон тоо товч the panels of refrigerators, televisions and washing machines. and the decorations on ceramics, glass and tiles.


You will also find screen printing used on All kinds of commercial advertising, such as electrical appliances, packaging, outdoor, fixed, mobile advertising platform.


In the packaging and decoration industry, screen printing is widely used in high-end packaging boxes, bottles, cigarette packs and wine packs, especially in super large external packaging and product appearance decoration. It is closely connected with our life.


It is expected that in the future screen printing will still maintain a high development speed, technology will gradually improve, and the industrial scale will further expand. Authorities predict that the proportion of world screen printing in the total output value of printing production will rise to 10% in the future. There is no doubt that China's screen printing industry is breeding more development space and potential market.