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Chinese Custom Data Shows the Export Order Numbers for Packing label Increase 136% In March.

Цаг: 2021-06-09 Үзсэн: 1

Packaging label refers to all labels, tags, words, symbols, graphics and other instructions attached to the commodity packaging. It is the main арга зам for sellers to convey commodity information, express commodity characteristics, and promote commodity sales.


It is also a guide for consumers to choose and purchase commodities, preserve and maintain commodities correctly, and consume scientifically.  


 Packaging label has a wide range of application scenarios and can be customized quickly. According to the data of Alibaba international station, the product belongs to packaging printing industry > packaging accessories > packaging label category.


The number of paid buyers increased by 117% and the number of orders 136% өссөн in March compared to the last March.


 The main buyers are retailers and producers in the UK, Canada and the United States.


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