Chav Tsev 1004, Nan Yang Da Sha, Nan Bu Shang Wu Qu, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, Suav. 315000

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hu rau peb


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Tsheb Hlau nplaum

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Kev Cai Zoo Tshaj Lij Hlau Lub Tsheb Txiag Nrog 25 Xyoo Kev Kawm Thiab ISO Daim Ntawv Pov Thawj

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Kev Cai Zoo Tshaj Lij Lub Tsheb Hlau Magnet Nrog 25 Xyoo Kev Paub Thiab ISO Cert

Hauj lwm yam khoom



    Kind of like stickers but you can move & stick, until you are happy with it.

    Stick'em on your fridge, car, or anything magnetic metal!

    We specialize in promotional magnets designed to increase brand awesomeness.

    They are perfect for trade fair giveways!

    We also can add dome on surface to create dome fridge magnet for you.

    Get your brand advertised on fridge or on car now!


Dawb Yas Outdoor Auto Grade Classy Appearance Kev Nkoj
Metal Vinyl (Optional) Low Tooling Cost Auto Motive
Glitter VINYL UV Proof Accurate Emboss And Magnetic Objectives
Reflective Vinyl Dej tsis sib haum Xauj Lauj
zinc Alloy
High Quality Printing
Classy Look

Xav Paub Ntxiv

Car Magnet (27)Car Magnet (26)Car Magnet (21)

loj: 17 * 9cm
Supply Muaj peev xwm: 4230000 Daim / Ib Hlis
zoo: Mekas Tus me nyuam lub sij hawm: Nyob rau hauv 10-25 hnub tom qab kev txiav txim paub tseeb
Sij hawm rau lub sijhawm: Txog 5-7 Hnub Main Port: Ningbo,Shanghai,Shenzhen,Cannan
tsim: Mekas Ntim Paub meej: OPP Hnab Los Customized Daws
khoom: Hlau Term

Peb Lub Lag Luam

Over 25 Years Experience in Printing & Labeling

ISO/TS16949 certified manufacture

We supply directly or indirectly for after market 


1fda68f8206d224be4cba601b7d23d5A good design and color scheme help customers to remember your business, and also empowers them to spread your brand. Great printing maintains the excellence of your brand (and in some cases can even improve it).

    Unfortunately, the opposite is also true - poor quality presentation can give the impression that your products are low quality too. 

    We feel you! But what would you think if we told you Ever Greater® could offer you a great price on great printing in China with no communication problems-every time! We think you'd say, "Yes, please!"

    Here is a quick glance at our compliance structure; we like to call it a  Reliability Audit. Even if you choose to work with another provider, then this list can still help you find a reliable partner.



  • ISO /TS16949 Certification -Yes!

  • PayPal payment protection -Yes!

  • Lub neej lav kev xaiv -Yog!

  • Scalable order capacity -Yes!

  • Strict Quality Control -Yes!

  • English Customer Service -Yes!

  • Cov kev pabcuam siab - Yog!

  • Sample before production-Yes!

  • Customer satisfaction guarantee- Yes!

  • Customer Referral benefits - Yes!

    Puas Muaj Tsawg Dua® Printing Solutions solves all of your printing dramas and offers the same pain-free service on emblems and other merchandise too!

    Peb tuaj yeem tsim kho thiab xa tawm yuav luag txhua qhov tsim ntawm yuav luag txhua yam khoom siv.



  • Free Consulting

    We provide free professional printing and plastic-injection consulting that includes a comprehensive analysis on product areas such as usage, materiality, and life-cycle. This analysis is deli-vered alongside an optimized cost-solution per your budget that saves you time, money and energy.

  • Ongoing Research

    We are constantly developing and sourcing new materials and production techniques that enable US to produce higher-quality products across all materials at cheaper prices with maximum environmental considerations. In addition to the current offerings on our website and brochures, we welcome your suggestions to use new materials and technologies. If we don't already have it, we can source it for you!

  • Tag nrho Kev Cai

    Some providers' source pre-processed materials which significantly limits the ability for customization. We work with raw materials to maintain maximum capacity for customization and pro-cess modifications.

  • Low Minimum Orders

    Ever found the right product at the right price, but only if you buy 20,000 pieces! We feel your pain! And that's why we've developed manufacturing processes and postage logistics that can deliver exceptional quality and price performance even with a low MOQ. Ever Greater® serves large and small clients alike-everyone is welcome here!

  • siab Guarantee

    We guarantee customer satisfactino -to be precise, we offer full refunds on any product that does not perfectly meet your order specifications.

  • Cov Kev Sib Txuas Lus Ntshiab

    Our core team has a good command of the English language and has travelled to countries all over the world for trade fairs and client visits. We are well-versed in all the technical language around printing and manufacturing ensuring no miscommunication or missed expectations.

    Together, we are Greater!



    Our turnkey print and injection-mold solutions focus on quality, efficiency and cost-savings.

    Our mantra is simply this: Make it better, faster and easier! Some providers offer reasonable production plans, but then you get slugged in the tooling process.

    Puas Muaj Tsawg Dua® ensures that everything from tooling to delivery is transparent and customizable to ensure you get the best possible outcome for you and your company!

    So, what does 'turnkey' mean at Ever Greater® Printing Solutions?

    1. Project Needs Analyze

    2. Molding Services

    3. Sourcing Services

    4. Quality Control Plan

    5. Global Logistics

    6. Training & Technical Support

    7. Ongoing Consulting & Advice



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Web site:evergreater.en,

Skype:+ 8613858373220

TSWV YIM:+ 86 13858373220

Ntxiv:Room 1004-2,NanYang Center,yinzhou District,Ningbo city ,China.

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Web site:evergreater.en,



Ntxiv:Room 1004-2,NanYang Center, yinzhou District,Ningbo city,China.

Direct Manager:Miranda Wang

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