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Εθνική εορτή της Κίνας

Ώρα: 2021-09-29 Επισκέψεις: 3

Where Does It From?

Τον Οκτώβριο 1st, 1949, the founding ceremony of the Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China, was grandly held in Tian»an Men Square, Beijing.  

"Mr. Ma Xulun, who first proposed 'National Day'."

Τον Οκτώβριο 9th, 1949, the first National Committee of the κινέζικο People's Political Consultative Conference held its first meeting. Member Xu Guangping made a speech: "member Ma Xulun asked for leave and couldn't come. He asked me to προτείνω that the founding of the people's Republic of China should have a national day, so I hope this Council will εγκρίνω Οκτώβριος 1st as the national day." member Lin Boqu also made a secondment and asked for discussion and decision.

On the same day, the meeting passed the proposal. Since year of 1950,every 1st Oct is Nation day of People's Republic of China. And from every 1st Οκτώβριος έως 7th Oct is public holiday in China.


How Do we Celebrate

The government holds big vents to celebrate this day. And we as residents, the most popular way to celebrate such a long holiday is traveling around and chill.

Theme amusement parks are very popular option for national day. The report predicts that Beijing Universal resort, Shanghai Disneyland, Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, Changzhou Chinese Dinosaur Park and Zhuhai Chimelong ocean kingdom may be the top 5 national popular amusement parks during the National Day holiday.

Meanwhile, scenic spots with beautiful natural scenery are popular destinations for road trips. On the prediction list of national popular road trip spots are: Wutai Mountain scenic spot in Xinzhou, Mount Tai scenic spot in Tai'an, Huangshan scenic spot and other places are impressively listed.

In terms of route selection, the scenic northwest, southwest and other regions along the way are expected to be widely favored. Sichuan Tibet line and Hainan Island ring are also popular routes of self driving tour.