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Přes 25 Years Experience in Tisk a označování

ISO/TS16949 certified manufacturer

With Our Own Printing&Plastic Injection Equipments,we are able to convert your designs to real products more than you ever expected.

Our company mainly  foucson:Stickers&Labels,3DEmblems&Logos,Promo&Souvenirs,Plastic Injection, All products are customized exclusively for you!

A good design and color scheme help cus tomers to remember your business, and also empowers them to spread your brand. Great printing maintains the excellence of your brand (and in some cases can even improve it).

COMPANY PROFILEUnfortunately, the opposite is also true -poor quality presentation can give the impression that your products are low quality too.

We feel youl But what would you think if we told you Ever Greater @ could offer you a great price on great printing in China with no communication problems - every time! We think you'd say, "Yes, please!"Here is a quick glance at our compliance structure: we like to call it a Reliability Audit Even if you choose to work with another provider, then this list can still help you find a reliable partner

ISO/TF1 6949 Certification - Yes!

PayPal payment protection -Yesi

Možnosti doživotní záruky - Ano!

Scalable order capacity -Yes!

Strict Quality control -Yes!

English Customer Service - Yes!

Sourcingové služby - Ano!

Sample before production -Yes!

Customer satisfaction guarantee -Yes!

Customer Referral benefits -Yes!

Ever Greater Solves All your communication dramas and offer you pain-free services of buying from China!

Můžeme vyvinout a dodat téměř každý design na téměř jakémkoli materiálu.

Be Honest: While we are illing to go the extra mile, we only make commitments we cankeep. If we simply cannot meet your requirements, we'll be upfront and honest with you. Wewon't waste your time or your money. While it feels good to say, "Yes"- a "No" can also buildtrust and inspires confidence. As the Rabbi once said, "Let your yes be yes, and your no be no."

Be Different: We are passionate about making a difference but to achieve that sometimeswe actually need to be different. We know the ways that have worked in the past, but we areall learning that some of these ways extract a heavy cost on oUr environment. We are con-stantly searching for diffrent ways to do make existing products perform better in ways thatare safer for the environment.

Be Cooperative: In our industry, teamwork really isthe keytosuccess. We remain opentoideas from all our staff and partners. We don't think we know best. whatwe do know is that bytruly listening to our clients and helping them to identify their needs, we can consistently deliverthe best quality products and provide the best purchasing.