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What Is Mid-Autumn Festival?

Time: 2021-09-23 Pogodaka: 5

Dear All, You may notice we just has a public holiday from 19th-21st Sep. And 21st septembar is the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mid-autumn festival originated od the ancient times, popularized in the Han Dynasty, set in the early Tang Dynasty, after the prevalence of the Song Dynasty. The Mid-Autumn Festival is the synthesis of the seasonal customs in autumn. The mid-autumn festival is a Poseban and precious cultural heritage to Chinese, with the round of the moon as simbol porodica's reunion.


The mid-autumn Festival is one of the FOUR traditional festivals in China, along with the Spring Festival, the Tomb Sweeping Day and the Dragon Boat Festival. Under the influence of Chinese culture, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also a traditional festival for overseas Chinese in some countries of East and Southeast Asia. On May 20,2006, the State Council listed it among the first batch of state level intangible cultural heritage. The mid-autumn Festival has been a national holiday since 2008.

So what do we Chinese do to celebrate this bitan festival ? Different families has their own traditions, but there are 2 things that all of us do :

Moon Watching

Običaj gleda the moon and enjoying the moon comes from offering sacrifices to the moon. It is said that in this day,the moon is closest to the Earth, the moon is the largest, the most round and the brightest, so there has been the custom of drinking and feasting while appreciate the moon since ancient times. Mid-autumn Festival activities in the written records appeared in the Wei and Jin dynasties, but did not become a tradition in that time. do the Tang Dynasty, this becomes very popular tradition,and many poets are famous poems on the moon.

Eat Moon Cake


Moon cakes, also known as the Moon pita, Harvest Cakes, Palace cakes, Round Cakes, etc. , is the ancient Mid-Autumn festival offerings to the Moon God.

Mjesec cakes were originally used as offerings to the moon gods. Later, people began to enjoy the moon and eat moon cakes as a symbol of family reunion. The moon cake symbolizes the reunion, people take it as holiday food, use it as offering to the moon, give to friends and relatives.

So far, eating moon cakes has become a necessary custom for the Mid-Autumn Festival in China. On this day, people eat moon cakes to show their reunion.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival :D

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