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What is Corporation VI ( Visual Identity)-1

Time: 2021-07-21 Pogodaka: 5

VI (visual identity), translated as visual recognition, is the most powerful and infectious level in CIS system. 


83% of the external information that people perceive reaches people's mind through visual channels.


In other words, vision is the most important and main channel for people to receive external information. 


The visual identification of corporate image is to transform the non visual content of CI into static visual identification symbols, which can be spread most directly in the most extensive level with extremely rich and diverse application forms.


All famous corporations have their unique VI system, they invest promotion and commercial ads year by years to "sila" people to remember them. Like THE red for Coca-cola , the blue for Pepsi, and the yellow and blue for Ikiea


 Scientific design and implementation of favorable visual identity is a fast and convenient way to spread business philosophy, establish corporate reputation and shape corporate image.


If you are a start up, next week we will share tips of designing a new Corporation VI system. 

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