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All-Weather Label Success Case

Customer: xxXsafe



XXXsafe Australia is a provider of outdoor height-safety products and services.
In 2017, the XXXafe sourcing team found EverGreater@ by internet search and sent us an inquiry.

After hearing about XXXsafe's terrible experience of the stickers from previous provider all peeloff from products and fade in 2 months,they had to pay A LOT money to fix and re-stick.for more than Ten years!

Based on our research analysis and further discussions with the client,we proposed a new sticker and sign solution for them as seen in their current out door stickers.

While xXXsate were excited about the new sticker quality,they were still anxious about the possibility of a repeat experience - sticker looks great at first, but then quickly deteriorates.They had already done one major recall and did not want a repeat of thaf under any circumstances!

Although the experience and industry success of our Cro (25+ years)was reassuring, XXXsafe still needed stronger guarantee - so we gave it them in fWo ways. First,we guaranteed 100 % satisfaction on the ongoing quality of our product and,secod,we arranged for XXXsafe to speak directly with one of our other large clients in Australia ,Clipex.The Clipex CEO shared directly about his company's successful relationship with EverGreater as their go-to print partner.

Well,our partnership with xXxXsafe is now in its third year of quality,affordable, stress-free print solutions.The team have toured our factory in China and we in turn have had the privilege of visiting a few of their sites in Australia.